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Personal import

Dallott will solve the problems of personal import


Communicate in English/ Malay

You can be confident that you will communicate with Malaysian staff members. In addition, telephone and email services are carried by Malaysian staff at our centers in Malaysia, so rest assured that you do not need to worry about language issues.


Convenient payment system

The following credit cards can be used at DALLOTT. (VISA, MASTER, MAESTRO, Apple Pay, Google pay, American Express)


Partnership with DHL Express

Tracking order is available on the official site as soon as the goods depart from the UK.


Exchange and Returns

TQOON MALAYSIA will process your return. No need to send back to the UK


Consumption taxes and tariffs treatment without burden

When importing from abroad, consumption taxes and tariffs are incurred, but Dallott will cover all costs. There is no cost for the customer.


Operating according to Malaysian business days

We operate based on Malaysian business day. Please contact us by phone or email on weekdays. (Please check the business hours for further detail.)

What is personal Import?

It refers to purchasing (importing) products directly from overseas companies' sites used for purchase purposes. You can use almost the same service as a general shopping site, but please check the following precautions before purchasing.

Notice on the personal import.Please read carefully before ordering.

※ This site is operated by Tqoon UK Ltd, and all ordered products are provided to customers in the UK.

※ Customs clearance from overseas to Japan is handled as personal import.

※ Any customs duties incurred are borne by all shipments (Tqoon UK Ltd).

Features of personal importIn the case of products purchased directly from overseas, unnecessary fees are not charged because they are processed without going through a third party.

※ Please check the product page for details.

You can receive proof that you have purchased (imported) the product yourself, so you can receive customer service in stores around the world.

Personal import is limited to the personal use of order advertisers, and transfer or resale to third parties is legally prohibited.